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What can yoga do for you?

Marita Gardner-Anopol | Kingwood Yoga | yoga classes, houston yoga, retreat, breathing, hatha, marita, meditation, workshops, wellness, healing, kids yoga, family yoga, movement, flexibility, focus, texas, austin

There are many benefits to yoga. It benefits you physically by creating a toned, flexible, and strong body. It relieves pain and heals injuries. Yoga promotes mental clarity and helps you to relax and handle stressful situations more effectively. It also builds awareness of your body, of your feelings, and the world around you.


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Masakoyoga teacher training, houston yoga, kingwood yoga, retreat, yoga events, yoga certification, breathing, hatha, marita, meditation, events, wellness, healing, movement, flexibility, focus, asthma, scoliosis






Teacher Training


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Small Group - Semi-Private & Private Training Available

Flexible class schedule to meet your needs

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How to Begin

Anyone can practice yoga - young or old, sedentary or athletic. Size and fitness level don't matter. In your first session you will learn posture alignment, how to breathe, and how to relax.

Our Program

Kingwood Yoga offers several different programs for all ages. Included are: beginner, active, gentle yoga, meditation, yoga4kids, teacher training certification and more.




The Book

Yoga 4 Kids DVD clip
Yoga, Oscar, Grace and Alex are BFF's.
Take a journey with them through the rain forest where they love to play.

The Adventures of Yoga 4 Kids is the first in a series of educational, interactive story books in which children will learn the benefits of each yoga pose practiced.

The Game

A fun, healthy, interactive board game for the entire family.
With 52 cards, 13 sets of 4, players have fun learning Yoga + card games galore!   
5 Games in one ....
Great for the classroom too!


Yoga 4 Kids DVD clip
Yoga 4 Kids DVD - Marita Gardner-Anopol introduces a fun way for children to experience the many benefits of yoga, demonstrated in a beautiful setting of butterflies and flowers.

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